Portfolio recipes for asset allocation

How to find the best way to implement an asset allocation portfolio.

When choosing a recipe to create your asset allocation portfolio, several companies and web sites provide strategic and tactical ideas. Some sites compare many different recipes, while other sites promote a single approach without any comparison.

All of the providers listed below publish one or more asset allocation recipes that split assets across multiple asset class funds, totaling 100%. If you would like to include a publisher that is not listed below, please contact us.

Providers of Strategic and Tactical Portfolio Recipes

These providers compare portfolio recipes of many different types, including Strategic portfolio recipes (using a fixed or static allocation) and Tactical portfolio recipes (using a dynamic or active approach). These providers publish regular updates to their Tactical portfolio recipes.


My Plan IQ

Providers of Strategic Portfolio Recipes

The portfolio recipes from these sources are designed to be fixed or static, updated only through periodic rebalancing to restore the original allocation.

Portfolio 1-2-3



Asset Allocation for Dummies (book)


Charles Schwab


Providers of Tactical Portfolio Recipes

The portfolio recipes from these sources are updated regularly since the allocations change based on the underlying algorithm or investment process.


Decision Moose

Scott's Investments