Portfolio Tracking (Account Aggregation)

How to track your portfolio using an online tool

Once you have a portfolio setup at a brokerage, you may wish to track its performance and see reports related to you asset allocation. The tools below can securely pull your data from multiple bank and brokerage accounts and create a single view of your holdings. All of these services will total your account balances, and some will also calculate your investment returns. 

These services can be grouped into two categories:

  • Personal Portfolio Tracking for investors. These services allow individuals to consolidate their account data into one view.
  • Professional Data Aggregation for Advisors and Planners. These services are designed for financial industry professionals who manage multiple client portfolios. These services can give an advisor a complete view of a clients assets so that they can design a better investment strategy.

Listing of Online Portfolio Tracking Tools

(also called "Account Aggregation")

Yodlee MoneyCenter
category Personal   description a way to see all your accounts in one place. Includes financial goal tracking. Also available as data aggregation platform for financial services companies.   calculates investment returns? No   cost Free   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 1999   contact info 650-980-3600   website yodleemoneycenter.com

category Personal   description organizes and categories your spending and investment accounts. Owned by Intuit.   calculates investment returns? No   cost Free   mobile apps? Yes: iOS, Android, Windows   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 2006   contact info twitter.com/mintsupport   website www.mint.com

Personal Capital Dashboard
category Personal   description an online service to track your investments by account, asset class, or individual security. Also calculates the percentage of each asset class within your portfolio.   calculates investment returns? Yes   cost Free   mobile apps? Yes; iOS, Android   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 2009   contact info 855-855-8005   website www.personalcapital.com

Jemstep Portfolio Manager
category Personal   description an online service to automatically pull in and evaluate your investment and retirement accounts. Investment recommendations are available using their Premium Account.   calculates investment returns? No   cost Free for Basic Account; Premium Account is $18 to $70 per month   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 2008   contact info 650 799 1434   website www.jemstep.com

category Personal   description a service to track all your accounts in one place, and get simple weekly updates. Also offers an Asset Manager program for automated investing.   calculates investment returns? Yes   cost Free   mobile apps? Yes: iOS, Android, Windows   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 2013   contact info www.sigfig.com/l/contact   website www.sigfig.com

category Personal   description a service to help you organize, analyze, optimize, and manage your portfolio. Connects to 5,500 banks and brokerages using Open Financial Exchange (OFX).   calculates investment returns? Yes   cost Free   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 1997   contact info [email protected]   website www.nextcapital.com

category Personal   description a spending management systems that also aggregates bank and investment account information from over 14,000 sources. Also provides financial management advice.   calculates investment returns? No   cost Free for up to 4 accounts; $10 per month for unlimited accounts   mobile apps? Yes; iOS, Android   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 1999   contact info my.mvelopes.com/support/chat/chat_window.php   website www.mvelopes.com

category Personal   description online financial planning with account aggregation   calculates investment returns? No   cost $19 per month, plus setup fee of $89 or $299 or $399   mobile apps? Yes; iOS   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 2009   contact info 855-582-5392   website www.learnvest.com

category Professional   description data accumulation services that allow financial advisors and planners to consolidate their clients' accounts into a single view.   calculates investment returns? Yes   cost starts at $150 per month   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? Yes   year launched 2013   contact info 888-623-7189   website www.aqumulate.com

Fiserv AllData Aggregation
category Professional   description an account aggregation services helping financial institutions support their clients. Integrates data from over 13,000 sources. Formerly named CashEdge.   calculates investment returns? No   cost quotation upon request   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 1984   contact info 212-478-6026   website www.fiserv.com/customer-channel-management/account-aggregation-services/alldata-aggregation.aspx

category Professional   description an account aggregation service for advisers, asset manager, and broker-dealers. Owned by Morningstar.   calculates investment returns? Yes   cost quotation upon request   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? Yes   year launched 1999   contact info 781-376-0801   website www.byallaccounts.com

category Professional   description portfolio monitoring and client reporting. Online consolidation tool for advisors which allows them to see custodial and held-away accounts in one place and allows the advisor's clients to see all their account data in one place   calculates investment returns? No   cost starts at $195 per month   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 2009   contact info 617-855-5323   website www.blueleaf.com

eMoney 360
category Professional   description client reporting tool for advisors and planners that includes account aggregation   calculates investment returns? No   cost quotation upon request   mobile apps? No   reconciliation-ready reports? No   year launched 2000   contact info 888-362-4612   website www.emoneyadvisor.com